How to turn off read receipts on Instagram 2022
August 24, 2022

How to turn off read receipts on Instagram 2022

You can use this feature to prevent other users from knowing that you have read their message . There are different methods to do this we will discuss one best method for doing this here .This method will disable your active status too . Your friends will not know when you were online . This will hide your last seen too . If you want to read more messages then you can open Instagram and disable Internet connection and then read message .

Using this way you can read message but when you turn on Internet or Wifi the sender will know that you have read their message .

How to appear offline on Instagram 2022

You can disable active status on Instagram to appear offline and then you can enable option “Show when you’re active together” This option will show you online only to person whom you are chatting with . Then there is other option “Show Active Status” you can use this option to turn on Online status for all users . There features are shown in screenshots below . You can follow Screenshots to know how to active this feature .

1 Click on Three lines on top Right Corner and then Click on Settings

2 Click on Privacy in Settings Menu

3 Then Click on Active Status Icon

4 Then You can turn Off Show Activity Status to turn off Active Status Completely and You can use second option Show when you’re active status to only show active status to Other person when you are chatting with someone . By using this feature your active status will shown only to person who is chatting with your and for others you will appear offline

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